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Gold Stripe Optical Waveguides Fabricated by a Novel Double-Layered Liftoff Process
Jin Tae Kim, Suntak Park, Seung Goo Park, Min-su Kim, Myung-Hyun Lee, and Jung Jin Ju
vol. 31, no. 6, Dec. 2009, pp. 778-783.
Keywords : Surface plasmons, polaritons, metal stripe, polymer waveguide.
  • Abstract
    • Abstract.

      To fabricate uniform and reliable thin gold stripes that provide low-loss optical waveguides, we developed a novel liftoff process placing an additional SiNx layer under conventional photoresists. By patterning a photoresist and over-etching the SiNx, the photoresist patterns become free-standing structures on a lower-cladding. This leads to uniform metal stripes with good reproducibility and effectively removes parasitic structures on the edge of the metal stripe in the image reversal photolithography process. By applying the newly developed process to polymer-based gold stripe waveguide fabrication, we improved the propagation losses about two times compared with that incurred by the conventional image-reversal process.
  • Authors
    • Authors

      Jin Tae Kim
      Suntak Park
      Seung Goo Park
      Min-su Kim
      Myung-Hyun Lee
      Sungkyunkwan University
      Jung Jin Ju
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    • References

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