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To ensure that ETRI Journal publishes only the highest quality papers and that all material submitted to the journal is judged in an objective and fair manner, all papers considered for publication undergo a thorough peer review.

I. Reviewers

  • Recommendations of reviewers form the basis for the Editorial Committee's decision whether to publish the paper.
  • The Editorial Committee of ETRI Journal selects three reviewers according to their knowledge of and experience in the topic of the paper.
  • Reviews should be returned within the requested or agreed upon time frame, usually four weeks.
  • The review system is double blind: the reviewers’ identities are not disclosed to the authors, nor are the authors’ identities disclosed to the reviewers.
  • Reviewers use the ETRI Journal standard form for their evaluation and recommendations.

II. Recommendations

The reviewer's recommendation may be

  • Publish as is
  • Publish upon minor revisions
  • Resubmit after major revisions: reevaluation may be requested of the original and/or additional reviewers
  • Reject

III. Criteria and Evaluation for the Merit of a Paper

  • Significance of the work for the journal’s audience
  • Contribution the paper will make to the field
  • Quality of the paper: original; high scientific quality; well organized and clearly written; sufficient support for assertions and conclusions; accurate, appropriate title; abstract includes important points of the paper; fluency in English; pertinent references; clear tables and figures
  • Reviewers’ support for the opinions expressed in the paper
  • Overall recommendation of the paper
  • Optional confidential comments to the Editorial Committee

IV. Submission of Review Results

We encourage our reviewers to submit their review reports on our web site.

For online submission of review results, log onto the system by entering your ID and password on the left panel or use the direct link from the review request e-mail.

For reviewers who prefer to submit their reports by e-mail, fax, or postal service, our contact information is as follows:

ETRI Journal Editorial Office
Future Research Creative Laboratory, ETRI
218 Gajeongno, Yuseong-gu Daejeon 34129
Republic of Korea
Phone: +82 42 860 6127   Fax: +82 42 860 6737

You can download the reviewer's report forms here  :   Review Form   Reevaluations

V. Notes for the Reviewers

  • That the reviewers’ recommendations are returned in a timely manner is crucial to the publishing process. Late return of reviews is the main element that delays publication.
  • The material you review is confidential; you must keep the material from being seen prior to publication.
  • We hope that you will strive to bring to each review your considered expertise, to judge each paper with an open mind, and to the balance between judging too permissively and too strictly.