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ETRI Journal Call for Paper

ETRI Journal invites an original high-quality research paper or a critical survey article in the areas of Communication Network and Services, Wireless Communications, Micro-electronics Technology, Information Security, Multimedia Technology, and High-performance Computing including, but not limited to, Computer Architecture, Signal Processing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing. Prospective authors are encouraged to read “Author guideline” carefully and use the forms in this website to maximize the chance of acceptance and to ease our peer review process.

Please note that special issue may include regular paper and the paper fail to meet the deadline for a special issue can be moved to a regular issue without notice.

Upcoming Special Issues

5G - Next Generation Communication Networks - will be a global game changer from a technological, economic, societal and environmental perspective. Currently mmWave radio spectrum is critical for 5G rollout. Regulatory bodies around the world are currently working towards opening up new spectrum bands from 6-100 GHz and new technologies to meet the challenges of these mmWave bands have been developed. It is envisioned that advanced 5G network infrastructure includes ultra-broadband access, high-speed backhaul and relay, softwarized flexible evolved packet core solutions for efficient system management, and satellite communications as inherent component of 5G systems.

This special issue will focus on the recent advances made in studies related to 5G mmWave transmission and access technologies, heterogeneous and agile network technologies, and 5G satellite communications, including experimental testbed and implementation.

We welcome submission of papers that present emerging new technologies that can be applied to real products and thus lead to new business opportunities. We encourage the submission of papers that include the presentation of an implemented prototype that will provide readers with a better understanding of new technology and techniques in relation to existing research.

Papers to be submitted should focus on one of the following areas:
5G mmWave Radio Transmission & Access Technologies
- mmWave cellular communications
- mmWave mobile backhaul networks
- Multi-hop relay networks in mmWave spectrum
- Interference control and management
- Beam switching and hybrid adaptive beamforming
- High-speed mobility support through a novel small cell architecture
- Moving cells and moving networks
- High-reliable and low-latency communications
- Channel modeling and propagation characteristics

Heterogeneous and Agile Network Technologies
- Softwarized Mobile Core Networks
- Network Virtualization
- Multi-domain/layer/technology orchestration
- Streaming Telemetry and Deep Learning based Monitoring and Analytics
- Core Network Resource Optimization
- Programmable Infrastructure Testbed for 5G
- Mobile Edge Service Technology
- Autonomous Network Management
- Interoperability Test for Mobile Core Networks
- Network Security

5G Satellite Communications
- Sub 6 GHz direct 5G satellite narrowband access
- 5G mobile/satellite convergence
- Novel accurate positioning solutions using mmWave combined with GNSS PPP
- High precision/integrity ubiquitous GNSS based LBS and timing

5G Experimental Trials
- 5G experimental testbeds and implementations
- Advanced multimedia testbeds and trials
- Wireless backhaul system testbeds and trials
- Trials on verticals in association with 5G
- mmWave/GNSS positioning system testbeds and trials


The submission deadline is September 15, 2017. Publication is scheduled for the Febraury 2018 issue.
Submissions for the special issue should be made on the ETRI Journal website, http://etrij.etri.re.kr, prepared using the standard template available on the site. When submitting, select “Special Issue on 5G Communications and Experimental Trials with Heterogeneous and Agile Mobile networks” for the paper type when submitting. For further details, please refer to the ETRI Journal website.

Guest Editor

Dr. KyungHi Chang
  Inha University, Korea
  Email: khchang@inha.ac.kr
  Phone: +82-32-860-8422
  Research Interests: RTT design for beyond 3GPP LTE-A and 5G systems, cross-layer design, and public safety and mobile ad-hoc networks

Dr. Sejun Song
  University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA
  Email: songsej@umkc.edu
  Phone: +1-816-235-5661
  Research Interests: trustworthy information and computing systems, and software, including resilient network and system management, software-defined networks, cloud computing auditability, mobile cloud computing, security, high availability, data storage, and embedded systems

The above information may be partly subject to change.